Zero-Sum-Cost Data Services

Vital Education Inc. has been operating since 1990. We offer support services to individuals, families, groups in the field of Data Science from sensors to tensors, covering  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Quantum Computing.

Our professional volunteers have expertise ranging from Data Management and Analytics to Machine Learning, Data Science/Engineering and Quantum Computing.

By contacting us for your data science projects, you will not only receive professional and expert solutions based on nearly three decades working in the industry, you will also be supporting research that is working to solve some of the biggest medical challenges facing the world today.

Despite the incredible potential that exists in the realm of Data Science, there is a severe lack of these type of researchers currently working in the medical field. This represents an incredible  missed opportunity to address many of the world’s biggest medical challenges.

At Vital Education Inc. we are working to change this, through funding vital research backed by the power of Data Science to solve some of humanity’s greatest problems. Currently, our key focus is promoting and expanding Data Science research to tackle Alzheimer’s, a debilitating disease which currently affects an estimated 5.7 million Americans.